Old Crimes & Kimchi

The story

With her forties fast approaching, Remy Parker is shackled a with stalled acting career, an unending series of temp jobs, and a love life in tatters. She thought, after dumping her controlling, unexpectedly violent fiancé, that she’d found a sanctuary in the tower room of her sometime employer’s beautiful San Francisco mansion. Instead, returning home from a failed audition, she finds the body of her boss, Korean business executive Kwan Choi, in a decidedly unseemly place. Now a suspect in the crime, Remy must call upon her powers of observation and creativity in order to become a sleuth - not just act like one – if she is to clear her name and protect a woman with secrets of her own: her murdered friend’s wife. She must also learn to trust her recently broken heart, as she deals with a police officer who was a high school crush and finds herself falling for the Chois handsome, arrogant nephew, Jin-Tae Park. Long ago betrayals, history, personal demons, and cultural prejudices are all at play in this contemporary mystery, Old Crimes & Kimchi.

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